Trident Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2030, 2035, 2050

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This information gonna crazy for all the investors either who has already invested in Trident shares or want to invest in future but finding Trident Share Price Target for 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2030, 2035, 2040, 2050, 2060. Trident share price prediction, BOM: 521064.

Till the date trident shares have given a great returns to it’s investors and yes company is also making profit and growing efficiently. But if you are a beginner in share market and investing in such shares whose graph is going up without knowing the fundamentals and target price for upcoming years. And because of this many of you are attracted to this trident share, you should always invest by looking the companies future growth and the upcoming demands for its products of the company. So read the full blog post to know about its target price predictions.

Trident Share Company Details

Trident limited was started in 18th April in 1990 in Ludhiana, Punjab. Trident Ltd is company that deals globally and if we talk about it’s products then it manufactures yarn, Home textile products, Paper, Chemicals and the main it is a top most company in India in business of amalgamation textile fabric. Company is making good profit, the net profit margin is 5.05% and the revenue they generated is around 1.8T Cr. Currently we look at the companies share price then it is 45.35 INR as of Jan-2024 in future for sure the price may get ups and downs.

Stock NameTrident ltd Share Price
Current share price45.35 INR as of 19-01-2024
Founded Year1990
Number of Employees13,750 in 2023
Net income90.71Cr
Net profit margin5.05%

Trident Share Price Target Long Term for 10 Years

Using a custom algorithm we have predicted the share prices using the deep learning technique and it may gets change depends on price fluctuations & market demands.

So as of now if you are thinking to invest in Trident share price then invest it and live it for at least 3-4 years to get good returns. By looking at the below given tables you can get an idea that how much does this shares have potential to break higher records. It’s simple if the companies product demand is evergreen then you can expect to get good returns in upcoming years. If we look it’s past share price graph, yes it has given great profit in 2001 the trident share price was only 0.50 INR and now it is almost touched to 45 INR.

YearShare Price Prediction
2024₹56.45 INR
2025₹70.30 INR
2026₹79.10 INR
2027₹96.23 INR
2028₹120.33 INR
2029₹135.67 INR
2030₹151.77 INR
2031₹167.21 INR
2032₹185.40 INR
2033₹212.05 INR

As you can see trident shares are best for long term investment their are less chances you will face loss. If you invest your money in 2024 then you can assume to get good returns after 5 years, as per the above given table the share price may become ₹120.33 and yes it’s a great opportunity to invest in it. So this was the trident share price prediction for the upcoming 10 years.

Trident Share Price Target 2024

2024Share Price Target
January₹42.30 INR
February₹45.93 INR
March₹50.21 INR
April₹48.65 INR
May₹47.77 INR
June₹46.90 INR
July₹49.33 INR
August₹50.71 INR
September₹57.45 INR
October₹55.12 INR
November₹54.68 INR
December₹56.45 INR

Starting from 43.45 in January 2024 and till the end of the year 2024 in December the share price becomes around 56.45 INR, it’s a green signal for investing in Trident shares. The company deals globally in the field of home textiles, yarn and fabrics and now it has also started manufacturing papers using wheat straw. And yes it is right to invest before getting too late.

Trident Share Price Target 2025

2025Share Price Target
January₹56.80 INR
February₹50.40 INR
March ₹56.60 INR
April₹59.80 INR
May₹54.70 INR
June₹57.12 INR
July₹58.40 INR
August₹65.23 INR
September₹67.50 INR
October₹71.12 INR
November₹68.30 INR
December₹70.30 INR

As textile industry is growing globally and the maximum orders are received by Trident Ltd in products like yarn, fabrics and many more. The way India is becoming digital the same all the manufactures and brands are becoming digital by using devices and machines based on AI and IOT devices. In 2025 trident share price started with ₹56.80 INR and till the ending of the year it becomes ₹70.30 INR and if the companies sales increased in 2025 then you may see the share price will become 75.15 INR.

Trident Share Price Target 2026

2026Share Price Prediction
January₹69.70 INR
February₹65.70 INR
March₹68.33 INR
April₹69.36 INR
May₹68.66 INR
June₹69.30 INR
July₹72.14 INR
August₹70.40 INR
September₹78.90 INR
October₹80.21 INR
November₹85.30 INR
December₹79.10 INR

As we can see the growth of the trident company and in this company 13,750 employees works and trident ltd makes net profit margin of around 5.05%. In 2026 you can expect the trident share price around ₹79.10 INR.

Trident ltd was founded in 1990 by Mr. Rajinder Gupta, in Ludhiana Punjab. And he was 1st entrepreneur to start the trident group, when company was started in the initial days they manufacture chemicals, paper & cotton yarn and by 1995 they also started making terry towels and in 1999 they also started it’s 1st captive power plant. In 2007 Mr. Rajinder Gupta was awarded prestigious Padma Shri award.

Trident Share Price Target 2027

2027Share Price Target
January₹80.21 INR
February₹79.55 INR
March₹82.48 INR
April₹83.65 INR
May₹85.77 INR
June₹86.12 INR
July₹87.32 INR
August₹89.44 INR
September₹93.81 INR
October₹99.80 INR
November₹101.83 INR
December₹96.23 INR

In the year 2026 the trident share price fluctuation was great but at the end investor will get good returns it started from ₹80.21 INR and by the end of the share price will become ₹96.23 INR.

The whole trident company group is valued at $3 billion, and trident company is itself established as the biggest manufacturer of terry towels in the world. And the companies products are used in millions of households across more than 150 countries around the world. If we talk about trident companies manufacturing plant then it is Barnala in Punjab and Budhni in Madhya Pradesh.

Trident Share Price Target 2030

2030Share Price Target
January₹122.45 INR
February₹124.89 INR
March₹126.75 INR
April₹128.63 INR
May ₹130.45 INR
June₹134.78 INR
July₹138.64 INR
August₹141.67 INR
September₹145.86 INR
October₹141.12 INR
November₹148.76 INR
December₹153.87 INR

By using custom algorithm to get the share price prediction of trident shares, it says that by end of the 2030 year in December trident share price may reach at ₹153.87 INR. If you are finding best long term shares then look no further because trident is here, for sure it will give you some good returns their are less chances of loss because trident companies fundamentals are strong and they are adopting trending techniques to expand their business globally.

Trident Share Price Target 2035

2035Share Price Target
January₹201.48 INR
February₹209.66 INR
March₹211.34 INR
April₹214.83 INR
May₹217.64 INR
June₹219.84 INR
July₹223.58 INR
August₹225.68 INR
September₹226.34 INR
October₹227.19 INR
November₹229.47 INR
December₹232.94 INR

Trident share price will grow rapidly in the year 2035 as per deep learning techniques and by the end of 2035 the trident share price will reach at ₹232.94 INR. So this is the right time to book profit in the year 2035.

Trident Share Price Target 2040

2040Share Price Target
January₹355.23 INR
February₹358.12 INR
March₹340.78 INR
April₹335.56 INR
May₹330.68 INR
June₹339.45 INR
July₹340.21 INR
August₹345.58 INR
September₹349.32 INR
October₹358.69 INR
November₹363.78 INR
December₹371.32 INR

In 2040 trident share price will reach to nearly ₹371.32 INR by the end of the year. Here you can see a rapid growth.

Trident Share Price Target 2050

2050Share Price Target
January₹621.55 INR
February₹629.87 INR
March₹631.54 INR
April₹636.45 INR
May₹650.88 INR
June₹655.97 INR
July₹659.31 INR
August₹663.88 INR
September₹667.23 INR
October₹665.33 INR
November₹663.21 INR
December₹665.34 INR

As per custom algorithm the trident share price gonna boom in the year 2050 it will break all the 52 weeks high. And by the end of the 2050 trident share price will be ₹665.34 INR.

Trident Share Price Target 2060

2060Share Price Target
January₹1,112.50 INR
February₹1,118.43 INR
March₹1,125.67 INR
April₹1,127.34 INR
May₹1,130.56 INR
June₹1,131.55 INR
July₹1,135.68 INR
August₹1,136.23 INR
September₹1,148.23 INR
October₹1,152.67 INR
November₹1,160.87 INR
December₹1,175.33 INR

By the end of the 2060 in December the trident share price will ₹1,175.33 INR.

Trident Share Price History

Trident Share Price Target
YearTrident Share Price History
2001₹0.50 INR
2004₹2.36 INR
2006₹3.07 INR
2008₹2.97 INR
2010₹1.57 INR
2012₹1.11 INR
2015₹2.62 INR
2019₹6.68 INR
2022₹64.80 INR
2024₹45.60 INR

Trident Share Price 52 Week High & Low

Trident shares are becoming rocket and soon it will cross 52 high record but before that 52 week high is 52.90 INR and 52 week low is 25.05 INR. Trident ltd share is giving stunning performance to its investors from last 10 years.

Trident Group Strengths

  • The most important strength of trident company is that it’s reach across the world brand value in more than 150 countries. It gives a great trust among the customers to use the products.
  • The 2nd biggest strength of the company is its strong product quality and innovation which helps the company in brand integrations with big brands like its big customers are Walmart, IKEA and many more brands.

Trident Group Weaknesses

  • As we know its products are textile like paper & yarn and to make this products agriculture are the backbone for trident company. But in agriculture is totally depends on weather and if something goes wrong in climate changes this may impact the companies growing graph.
  • Weakness is its concentration risk of revenue, the top customer accounted for 18% of sales and the top 5 customers accounted for over 41% of revenue in FY21. The loss of any of these key customers will be very harmful to the company.

is Trident Share a good Buy for Long Term

In 2001 trident share price was 0.50 INR and now in 2024 January the price is 45.60 INR by looking this you can assume that the investors who have invested in 2001 and now price is 45.60 INR (9,020.00%) hence this proofs that this is best for long term because the people who invested in this share before 20 years they have got good returns and even now if you invest in trident shares for sure it will grow rapidly in the upcoming 10 years, Trident share is a good buy for long term investment in share market.


In this post we gave you an idea about trident share price target for upcoming years and also you can visit more articles of share price predictions. Among all it’s competitors it giving tough competition by adopting advance technology to expand business level and profits in the field of textile industry.

FAQs – Trident Share Price Target For Upcoming Year’s

What is Trident Share Price Target in 2024?

By the end of the 2024, trident share price may touch ₹56.45 INR.

What is Trident Share Price Target in 2025?

By the end of the 2025, trident share price may touch ₹70.30 INR.

What is Trident Share Price Target in 2026?

By the end of the 2026, trident share price may touch ₹79.10 INR.

What is Trident Share Price Target in 2027?

By the end of the 2027, trident share price may touch ₹96.23 INR.

What is Trident Share Price Target in 2028?

By the end of the 2028, trident share price may touch ₹120.33 INR.

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